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Hello and welcome to Radio Gosha the studio of Seattle-based visual designer and animator James Franzen. I hope my artwork is able to transmit positivity or spark some happiness in your life!

MTC Saga

An epic tale set to the MTC series of songs. A collaboration with music producer S3RL.


No matter how hard life can get, as long as we have each other, we can do anything. A collaboration with the music producer, Alaguan.


The story of how far one cyborg will go to retain the memories of a loved one. A collaboration with music producers J-MI & Midi-D.

What I do

Over the years I have developed an aesthetic shaped through the use of vector-based digital tools. I enjoy seeing what can be expressed through minimalism. Below are just a few areas I enjoy dabbling in the most along with a link to learn more about me.


I am primarily known for this online. My specialty involves working in Adobe Animate and After Effects to bring strange stories in my head to life.


From traditional sketch to using digital tools, I love to make clean, bold imagery that is a mix of modern and retro.


This web site is an example of my front-end development skills. I enjoy learning about new libraries and seeing the web continue to change and bring forth new ideas.

Print & Merchandise

Working in illustration over the years has lead to me dabbling in creating various pieces of merchandise and print. If you are interested in grabbing a print or other items related to my art, you can do so in my online shop.

Get in touch

I love to collaborate and hear from fans, so never hesitate to get in touch.